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Therapy for Trauma

Trauma reactions are normal emotional and physiological responses to a distressing event or series of events.

Maybe you recently experienced something that was really scary or that changed the way you see yourself or the world around you. Perhaps you've started having nightmares or avoided certain things, or wondered if you'll ever feel safe again. 

For many, healing from trauma means looking back on the past and considering how previous relationships or complicated family dynamics have shaped how you view yourself or impacted current relationships. 

Therapy can help you heal from painful past experiences. 

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A trauma informed therapist can help you:

*Learn your triggers and how to cope with them

*Identify, set, and maintain healthy boundaries

*Feel safe within yourself, your environment, and your 


*Process traumatic memories

*Reframe negative self talk or negative assumptions

  about yourself, others, or the world around you

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