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Feel More Effective Parenting Your Challenging Teen

You’re exhausted and it feels like your teen’s behavior is never going to change. You don’t know who to blame so you blame yourself. You feel like everyone thinks you're crazy and wonders why you can’t get your kid under control/to go to school/to be respectful. The thing is-you're also terrified. You're worried about the decisions your son or daughter is making and their attempts to push you away. You want your relationship with your child back. 


So where do you turn to for parenting help when no one truly understands and so far nothing has changed. I get it. Teens don’t come with manuals and parenting is not a step by step guide, but parent coaching may be just what you've been searching for. I know you are doing the best you can and with a little support from a parent coach you can achieve confident, effective parenting bliss!


So what’s a parent coach anyways? A parent coach is someone you work with to identify concrete strategies to manage difficult behaviors. Together we’ll identify some of the barriers and find ways to get around them or tear ‘em down! As your coach I’ll push you to try different techniques with your teen and then we’ll talk about what worked and what didn’t. If it didn’t, we’ll figure out why and either try again, or try something new. I won’t let you continue to feel like you’re doing this alone.

Stop banging your head against the wall and give me a call! Together we will develop a concrete plan utilizing strategies that will help you feel more in control of your child's behaviors (and your reactions to them). 

Parent Coaching might be for YOU if:
*You feel overwhelmed, stuck, or lost on how to deal with your teen's challenging behaviors
*You feel like those parenting books don't speak to you or your child's needs. You want something more personal. And you want individualized guidance and support. 
*You and your child are in therapy, but you feel like you need more. 
*You're willing to take a chance, and try something new. 
*Weekly meetings or phone calls help you stay accountable.

What's the difference between Parent Coaching and Therapy?
*Parent coaching IS a service to support parents in learning new ways to interact with their kids.
*Parent coaching IS a goal oriented, problem-solving service
Parent coaching IS a great way to learn and practice guided interventions tailored for you and your family. 
*Parent coaching is NOT the same as therapy/counseling because its not the time for a lot of processing of past 
events/thoughts/feelings- It IS a time for action. 
*Parent coaching does NOT take the place of therapy. Therapy for you and/or your child may be an integral part of the treatment and healing process. However, parent coaching may also have a significant role. 
*Parent coaching is NOT considered "medically necessary" and does not involve a diagnosis. Therefore, it is not reimbursable by insurance and is a self pay service.

**Want to learn more? Message me to set up a free phone consultation. We can discuss if parent coaching might be right for you and your family**

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