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Helping Teens Survive, and Thrive, In Their Teenage years

I specialize in working with middle and high school students who struggle to manage daily stress and make positive choices. My clients feel overwhelmed by sadness, anger, or anxiety and haven't yet developed the skills to manage them. 

Teens describe me "pretty cool" or "chill" but know that my warm and direct approach will give them the support and feedback they need to survive, and thrive in their teenage years.

Providing therapy for teenagers poses the challenge and privilege of helping youth explore their developing sense of identity, independence, and responsibility. In order to navigate these difficult years, teens and young adults greatly benefit from having a safe, confidential space in which to express their thoughts and worries. 

Is your child not talking to you like they used to? Making questionable decisions online or out with their friends? Concerned about self harm or partying too hard? Let's talk and see if individual therapy is right for them. 

Treatment Areas include:





Self Esteem

Exploring identity

Peer relationships

Family issues

High risk behaviors


Self Harm

Substance use 

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